Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant



High Security Door

FEBR Blast Door, Window, Louver, Roof Hatch


Habersham’s Forced Entry Ballistic Rated (FE/BR) product line includes a variety of applications for 5 minute, 15 minute and 60 minute U.S. Department of State (DOS) rated door/frame assemblies, window applications, mullion connections and panel construction.

• 15 Minute FE/BR Door Frame Assemblies
• 15 Minute FE/BR Teller Window Systems
• 5 Minute FE/BR Doors with Vision Panels
• 60 Minute FE/BR Door Assemblies and Louvers

Habersham’s FE/BR products are engineered to meet the rigorous testing requirements set forth by the DOS. Our engineers design these and all of our detention products with the ingrained culture, established over our 55 year history, that Habersham builds “life safety products” to meet and exceed our clients' needs.

Through DOS, ASTM, HMMA, UL and in-house testing and product development, the protection of the end user is and will continue to be the primary focus of Habersham Metal’s management approach, manufacturing processes and designs.

  • Habersham provides a complete package of security
    glazing, hardware and claddings to suit the project design.
  • Design/build services - We will work with the contractor, owner, architect and engineers up front to insure that the product delivered and installed is one that serves its functional intention.
  • Sub-frame and embed delivery dates are key milestones in the structure phase of your project. The Habersham project management and production team takes pride in our track record of products delivered on schedule.
  • Habersham also offers installation, controls, hardware
    scheduling, professional engineering services, detention
    and security consulting and detention hollow metal doors, frames and windows for correction facilities throughout North America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.
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