Habersham Metal Products

President and CEO


As managing officer of Habersham, the most important topic that I can talk about in this message is Habersham’s employees and their commitment to excellence. As mentioned in other material that you will read about us, we began operations in 1954 and supplied hollow metal for various types of commercial projects through the ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s, mostly in the Southeast, especially for new schools and hospitals.

In the mid-‘70’s, we entered the security hollow metal market by serving architects and contractors in the construction of detention and correctional facilities. Our team enthusiastically set about the task of designing and building products that would perform in new and tougher applications. This required major commitments for new equipment, facilities, advanced technology, and most of all, more top caliber employees, and the best training for our employees who were already working.

Habersham made those investments then and continues to do so, today. Our management and staff have for many years led the way in setting the bar of excellence in the hollow metal industry for product quality and service. Habersham has helped lead the way in developing new standards of performance for hollow metal in the detention industry by working with standards development organizations such as ASTM, ANSI, NAAMM, HMMA, BSC (Building Security Council), and most recently NFPA.

We have ongoing testing and R&D programs that continually improve our designs, test products, and develop industry-wide standards. Habersham works constantly with the industry organization laboratories in order to continue excellence and lead the industry toward excellence as well.

Habersham employees have led the company to achieve high standards of excellence in quality and service. As an example, several years ago, the Habersham team worked tirelessly to achieve the renowned ISO certification for documented quality systems under standard number, ISO-9001: 1994, and then in 2002, achieved the more rigorous certification, ISO-9001: 2000. As a result of this great work, Habersham has a quality system in place that is both strict and effective.

In summary, the entire Habersham team is committed everyday to our customers, to project architects and contractors, and to the industry in order to make Habersham Metal Products Company, the best hollow metal manufacturer in the industry.




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