Security Wall Specs



Wall Panel Overview

3D Design Examples

  • Our field assembled Detention Wall Panel System is
    versatile and will adapt to any room requirement. 
  • The Habersham Wall Panel System is ideal for
    retrofitting existing spaces for cells or secured areas.
  • Panels are constructed using Habersham’s time
    and industry tested steel stiffened construction in
    accordance with HMMA 863 design specifications.
  • Testing— Our wall panels have been performance
    tested under the following test procedures.
  • Impact (ASTM F2322)
  • De-lamination
  • Furniture Load
  • Acoustical (ASTM E90, E413, E1332)
  • Panels accommodate cell furniture - Double bunks,
    lavatories, mirrors, coat hooks, desk and table
    assemblies, interior and exterior windows are
    readily mounted to factory installed reinforcements
    and preparations.
  • Panels are factory equipped as needed with junction
    boxes, electrical conduit, duct and pipe openings,
    and grille preparations.
  • Cell hardware, glazing, furniture, fixtures and
    combination water closet/sink and showers are
    available as a package.
  • Ceiling panels are available in various configurations
    and can be equipped with perforations and
    insulation as needed for sound control.
  • Ceilings are factory prepared for light fixtures along
    with associated junction boxes and electrical conduit.


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