Force Resistant Systems

Habersham Metal Products Company will work to combine different levels of protection for your needs. Almost any product can have a combination of Forced Entry, Ballistic Resistant, Fire Rated, Blast, and/or STC. Please contact us with your particular needs and let us customize your product.

Forced Entry Ballistic Rated (FE/BR)

Habersham’s Forced Entry Ballistic Rated (FE/BR) product line includes a variety of applications for 5 minute, 15 minute and 60 minute U.S. Department of State (DOS) rated door/frame assemblies, window applications, mullion connections and panel construction.

• 15 Minute FE/BR Door Frame Assemblies
• 15 Minute FE/BR Teller Window Systems
• 5 Minute FE/BR Doors with Vision Panels
• 60 Minute FE/BR Door Assemblies and Louvers

Habersham’s FE/BR products are engineered to meet the rigorous testing requirements set forth by the DOS. Our engineers design these and all of our detention products with the ingrained culture, established over our 55 year history, that Habersham builds “life safety products” to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

Through DOS, ASTM, HMMA, UL and in-house testing and product development, the protection of the end user is and will continue to be the primary focus of Habersham Metal’s management approach, manufacturing processes and designs.

  • Habersham provides a complete package of security
    glazing, hardware and claddings to suit the project design.
  • Design/build services – We will work with the contractor, owner, architect and engineers up front to insure that the product delivered and installed is one that serves its functional intention.
  • Sub-frame and embed delivery dates are key milestones in the structure phase of your project. The Habersham project management and production team takes pride in our track record of products delivered on schedule.
  • Habersham also offers installation, controls, hardware
    scheduling, professional engineering services, detention
    and security consulting and detention hollow metal doors, frames and windows for correction facilities throughout North America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

    Bullet Resistant Assemblies

    UL Level 1-10 / NIJ Level 1-4

    Bullet resistant hollow metal door and window assemblies suitable for both interior and exterior locations in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential applications. Assemblies may be provided with all hardware of equal bullet resistant rating for use in areas where protection against high power rifle, multiple shots, and/or assault is a priority. Shotgun rated deal trays, pass drawers and other accessories are also available.

    Additional products include:
    Doors Assemblies, Windows, Teller Windows, Louvers, Roof Hatches, Wall Panels, Gun Ports, Hardening of Furniture or Structures.

    Sound Transmission Classified (STC)

    Acoustical Door Line Assemblies

    Sound Transmission Class rated door assemblies include a lead lined interior construction with automatic door bottoms.

    Commercial Acoustical Doors

    • STC 39 – Single and pair of doors assembly
    • STC 45 – Single and pair flush door or with vision lite
    • STC 49 – Single and pair flush door assembly
    • STC 52 – Single flush door assembly

    Detention Acoustical Doors and wall panels

    • STC 45 – Single flush 12-ga. detention door assembly;
      rating is calculated using Mass Law
    • STC 44 – Single flush 14-ga. detention door assembly;
      rating is calculated using Mass Law
    • STC 46 – 12-ga Grouted Wall Panel Assembly (OITC-41)

      Fire Rated Acoustical Doors

      • STC 34, 35, 45, & 49 – Single or pair flush door
        assembly up to 3-hr. fire rating

      Wall Panel System

      • STC 47 – Fully field grouted wall panels; used primarily
        for security and detention applications
      • STC 39 – Habersham’s insulated wall panels; for security
        and detention applications as well as commercial uses

      Modular Steel Cell Walls

      • STC 56 – Cell to cell with 2” wall and 5/8” gap
      • STC 48 – Cell front is 4” thick wall system
      • STC 40 – Rear chase wall

        Hurricane Rated Systems

        Habersham doors and frames meet the Florida Building Code through structural analysis in accordance with the 2004 Florida Building Code and ASCE 7-05. Habersham also maintains test records in accordance with ASTM E 1886 Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors, and Impact Protective Systems Impacted by Missile(s) and Exposed to Cyclic Pressure Differentials, and ASTM E 1996 Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors and Impact Protective Systems Impacted by Windborne Debris in Hurricanes.

        Miami Dade
        NOA #06-0117.07
        NOA #06-0125.05

        Completed Projects:

        • Pinellas County Jail
        • South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center
        • St. Lucie County Jail
        • Broward County Jail
        • Center For Sexually Violent Predators
        • South Bay Close Custody Addition

        Blast Resistant Systems

        Habersham Metal Products Blast Products are Designed to UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Anti Terrorism Standards.

        •Our Products are Designed to Meet Vehicle and Man Portable IEDs.
        •Blast Calculations through 3rd Party Blast Engineering Services.
        •Custom Designs to Meet Your Blast Resistant Needs.

          Custom Fabrication

          State of the Art Machine Fabricating Capabilities

          • Laser Cutting
          • Punching
          • Forming
          • Ballistic AR 500 Targets
          • Weather/Intruder Safe Rooms

          Specialized and Robot Welding

          • Finishing
          • Painting Equipment 

          Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

          Door Details:

          • Meet Industry Performance Standards: Complies with ANSI/NAAMM/HMMA-863, ASTM- F1450 criteria
          • Static Load Test
          • Rack Test
          • Door Impact Test
          • Glazing Stop Impact Test
          • Bullet Resistant Test
          • Fire Test UL-10c, NFPA-252

          Frame Details:

          • Meet Industry Performance Standards: Complies with ANSI/NAAMM/HMMA-863, ASTM-F1592 criteria
          • Continuously welded frame corner joint
          • 1/4-20, Grade 8, torx drive security glass stop screws
          • 3/4” EMT conduit and sweep elbows for ease of control wiring installation 
          • Unitized jamb mounted lock preparation furnished with threaded mounting studs equipped with lock nuts
          • Cover plates fastened with (8) 1/4-20 flat head
            torx drive security screws

          Security Window Systems

          Florida Building Code
          Miami Dade NOA

          (Please reference specifications for more documentation)

          ANSI/ NAAMM/ HMMA 863 Security Hollow
          Metal Doors and Frames
          ASTM F 1592 Security Hollow Metal
          Vision Systems
          ASTM A 627 Tool Resisting Steel Bars,
          Flats and Shapes
          ASTM E 331 Water Penetration
          ASTM E 283 Air Leakage
          ANSI A 250.10 Performance of Coatings

          Security Wall Panel Systems

          • Our field assembled Detention Wall Panel System is
            versatile and will adapt to any room requirement. 
          • The Habersham Wall Panel System is ideal for
            retrofitting existing spaces for cells or secured areas.
          • Panels are constructed using Habersham’s time
            and industry tested steel stiffened construction in
            accordance with HMMA 863 design specifications.
          • Testing— Our wall panels have been performance
            tested under the following test procedures.
          • Impact (ASTM F2322)
          • De-lamination
          • Furniture Load
          • Acoustical (ASTM E90, E413, E1332)
          • Panels accommodate cell furniture – Double bunks,
          • lavatories, mirrors, coat hooks, desk and table
            assemblies, interior and exterior windows are
            readily mounted to factory installed reinforcements
            and preparations.
          • Panels are factory equipped as needed with junction
            boxes, electrical conduit, duct and pipe openings,
            and grille preparations.
          • Cell hardware, glazing, furniture, fixtures and
            combination water closet/sink and showers are
            available as a package.
          • Ceiling panels are available in various configurations
            and can be equipped with perforations and
            insulation as needed for sound control.
          • Ceilings are factory prepared for light fixtures along
            with associated junction boxes and electrical conduit.

          Security Ceiling Systems

          PANEL SYSTEMSMaximum Security

          DECK SYSTEMS – Minimum to Medium Security

          Habersham Metal ceiling system designs are impact tested using our new innovative vertically upward impact testing machine.  This equipment allows an 8 ft. square ceiling sample to be tested in the horizontal position as it would be installed in the field. The allows for the attachments, hangers and anchors, as well as the ceiling itself, to be tested and proven to be suitable for security requirements.

          Security Specialty Items

          • 450 Degree Temperature Rise Ratings
          • Non-Contact Meal Delivery System
          • Roof Hatches
          • Pass Drawers

            • Hopper Pass
            • Water Dispersal Mullions
            • Deal Trays

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